Roman photographer born in 1981 with a deep passion forportraiture. He’s studying at Officine Fotografiche in Rome with a specific qualification in psychological photography.Black and white lover and really fascinated in observing and understanding how people get in touch with the surrounded spaces, he believes in street photography as the main driver to obtain an answer, an interpretation.

He mainly deals with social issues. Together with his partner and curator Valeria Palombo, he has developed "Tales of Lamu" a photographic story born from the experience on the Lamu Island - Kenya - in the Anidan ONG center, a non-profit organization that has been working in the area since 2002 to help as much as possible social development of the island, starting from the children, from the new generations.

2018 Uno sguardo dentro, Palazzo Velli, Roma, Italia
2018 Tales of Lamu, Museo Diocesano di Brescia, Brescia, Italia P.E.
2018 Uno sguardo dentro, Teatro Eliseo, Roma, Italia
2018 Vision, by Binario18, Officine Farneto, Roma - Italia P.E.
2017 Tales of Lamu, Obiettivo Masaccio, Italia
2016 Tales of Lamu, Spazio SET, Roma - Italia P.E.
2016 Tales of Lamu, MACRO La Pelanda, Roma - Italia
2015 Il Re Nudo, Casa d’Aste Arcadia, Roma - Italia